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Kartini Jepara Furniture is a supplier of Jepara furniture in Central Java. We have been trusted to produce high quality products made from Teak Wood. We also produce plywood and MDF with selected veneers for the interior of houses, offices, villas. We also have a steel department with workers who are experts in their fields. We can also manufacture natural and synthetic rattan upholstered furniture in TIG-welded aluminum frames and teak wood. We carry out our environmental responsibility by recycling our wood chips to produce other unique products such as kitchenware and we also utilize the stumps of the teak trees that we cut down to produce unique and artistic products such as console tables, coffee tables, and so on. etc.
There is no doubt about the quality of teak wood on the world stage. Teak wood has developed into a material for crafts that is highly sought after by many people around the world. With all its advantages, handicrafts from teak wood do have a high selling value.
Teak wood is considered a luxury wood because it is known as high-quality, strong and durable wood, but it is still easy to work with and is not easily deformed due to changes in the weather. However, to choose a good teak wood, it is necessary to pay attention to several criteria, especially the mechanical properties of the wood, including tensile strength, compressive strength, and flexural strength, in addition to grain direction, age circle, and wood density.
Kartini Jepara Furniture has a goal to introduce furniture products from Indonesia on the world stage, especially furniture made from teak wood. All kinds of furniture that you need for cafes, houses, villas, apartments, offices, etc. It will be very appropriate if you choose us as a supplier to meet your furniture needs, because Kartini Jepara Furniture (KJF) is a supplier of custom furniture. One example of our product is ROUNDE DINING CHAIR.
Material : Metal and Velvet Fabric
Finish : Gold
Production Time: 30-35 days
We accept all types of custom furniture. For further information, you can chat admin via WhatsApp.

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